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Wabeke Lawn Service and Snowplowing was established in 1968 when Jack Wabeke and Elmer Kooinga bought a Byron Center lawn care company. Initially, all we did was cut grass and fertilize for our clients. In our first year in business we grew by adding shrub and tree care services, and by starting a snow plowing service.

As the company grew, we soon added a full time employee and more lawn and snow plowing equipment. In 1978 Jack Wabeke bought Elmer Kooinga’s share of the business and changed the name to Wabeke Lawn Service & Snowplowing. Throughout the years the company, always located in Hudsonville, continued to expand. By 2000 the company had outgrown its facilities, so we moved to our current location in Hudsonville on Byron Road. This facility has allowed the company to grow and to offer complete landscape design, installation, and maintenance services, along with a snowplowing division. The majority of our business is done in the greater Grand Rapids area and includes both residential and commercial accounts.

Our history of growth can be traced to the fact that as professionals, we supply quality products and first class workmanship to all our clients. Because of our commitment to quality, both our peers and our clients recognize us as leaders in the green industry.

At the end of 2006, after 38 years in business, Jack Wabeke decided to put the business up for sale and retire. A long-time employee, Michael Hoeksema, purchased the business from Jack, and since April of 2007 has been the owner and president. Mike brings almost 30 years of experience to the business, having started working for his father in the green industry at the age of six. Under his leadership, Wabeke has continued to expand while maintaining our emphasis on quality service.

As a long-established and reputable company with a core group of experienced employees, we look forward to serving our clients in the future.

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